Gumusluk Village
Casa Country

The project, raised the standards of the construction and life quality in Gumusluk village...

Windmill Residence

Serenity, calmness knitted by various colours of begonvillas...

Casa Turquoise

The project, we have made the view as blue as we can...

Casa Smart

Would you like to spend rest of your life watching a very blue sea...

About Us

Who we are

Met-al İnşaat 14.10. 2004 tarihinde Metin Laboç ve Ali Kumak tarafından kurulmuş olup halen faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir. Sıradanlığı ve standart budur kavramını kabul etmeyip, kalite, sağlamlık ve sürdürülebilirlikle, hep en yüksek inşaat seviyesini hedeflemekteyiz. İyi, kaliteli ve doğru işler yapanların her zaman kazanacağını düşünmekteyiz.


Gumusluk is a small village at the tip of the Bodrum Peninsula about 30 minutes drive from city center. This peaceful traffic free village seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, away from the well-trodden tourist track in the west of the peninsula. The whitewashed houses are covered with colorful flowers. Head for the two narrow sandy beaches and each curling around its own bay and separated by a beautiful rounded islet. Once you’ve had..

Windmill Residence is a tranquil haven, an idyllic escape from your city life offering peace, comfort and an valley view of every tones of green. Enjoy relaxing on your balcony watching the sunset, chipping of the bird as well as you will enjoy the view of begonvillas by the pool. Alternatively enjoy dipping your toes in the crystal clear sea near public beach or tilkicik beach. The nearest beaches lie only a few minutes drive away and are lined with..

Casa Country meets the needs of a holiday home by establishing people's connection with social and cultural activities. You will wake up in the mornings with the floral scents of tangerine gardens in our delightful project, which we have produced with the best quality of materials and workmanship, taking you away from the stress of daily life. Shopping at the village market, which is set up on Wednesday, with fresh fruits and organic products, spending time with your child and..